We enjoy getting to know our customers and love to know how they feel about our services.  Here are some comments from our customers:

Carpet Cleaning
R&C  Werner
Candy and I could not be happier.

S. F.
These carpets have never looked this good with anybody else. 
Mr. & Mrs.  J.
We have tried all the others, you are the best.

R. D. 
The carpet cleaner I used before told me those stains wouldn’t come out, but you got them out and my carpet looks great.

B. H.
I can’t believe these carpets look this good.  

Restaurant owner
If anybody has questions about the quality of your work, just tell them to call me.  

Mrs. F.
I can’t believe you got those stains out.  They’ve been here since before we moved in.  I called my husband over to see and he can’t believe it either.  I’m telling everybody about you.  

B. M.
You do a much better job than (competitor).  We used to get our carpets cleaned every 6 months, but they stay clean longer now.   

Restaurant owner
You do a much better job than (previous company).  

J. A.
You came highly recommended and my carpets look wonderful.  

P. M.
We were going to replace these carpets soon, but they look so good now we decided to keep them a while longer. 

Mrs. D. 
My allergies are much better now, thank you.

G. W.
I'm really glad to have this done and you did a great job.  You went the extra mile for us even though you didn't have to.  I appreciate that.

L. H.
You'll get a lot of referrals from me.  Your service is great and the price is reasonable.

E. M.
You guys worked hard and did a good job.  As soon as we sell this house, I'm going to get you to clean the next one.

Mr. and Mrs. S.
We told our neighbors about you.

E. G.
Thank you so much.  My allergies feel a lot better now. 

Dryer Vent Cleaning
S. L.
I'm convinced that you're the man for this job.

Wait! Show that to my husband.

K. M.
I really didn't think this was going to work, but I was wrong.  My towels used to take three hours to dry.  Now they get dry in one cycle, just like they're supposed to.

S. Q.
My dryer works a lot better now.  I'm impressed.

S. S. (carpet and air duct customer also)
I can't imagine anyone doing a better job getting these clean for me.

E. P.
I can't believe what came out of my dryer vent.

Holy cow!

You should charge more for this.

S. T. (commercial site manager)
All of the people you've worked for here have had good things to say.  That's pretty unusual.

Other Commercial Cleaning Services
P. F. 
Of all the contractors we've used, Kenny has been the best to work with.

J. M.
Kenny, you did a very good job - I checked.

S. P. (commercial shop sawdust removal)
I'm glad we went with you.  You gave us a good price, but nobody could have done a better job.

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