Dryer Vent Cleaning

Increase dryer efficiency

Your clothes dryer's lint filter can not catch all of the lint created from drying clothes.  Lint that gets by the filter accumulates inside of the exhaust vent.  As lint builds up in the vent, air flow is restricted which causes your dryer to be less efficient. 

Symptoms of a clogged dryer vent include excessive moisture in the laundry room and clothes take a long time to dry or won't dry at all.  Sometimes people prematurely replace the dryer.  Cleaning the vent will improve drying time & can save considerable money.      In many cases, annual dryer vent cleaning will pay for itself by reducing utility charges as well as extending the life of your clothes dryer. 

Dryer lint can cause a fire inside your home. The heating element, overheated parts, and sparks from wires or motor can easily ignite lint inside your dryer.

Restricted dryer vent air flow also causes a significant amount of lint to remain inside of your dryer. Lint inside of the dryer is a fire hazard.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that over 15,000 dryer related fires occur each year.  Residential dryers are normally recommended to be cleaned once per year. This rate varies with usage. 

Why should you choose The Wright Cleaning Company?   

1st – We do the job right.

Many companies just run an air hose from outside your dryer vent to blow out loose lint. This is better than doing nothing, but it does not give you a thorough cleaning.  We use equipment designed specifically for cleaning dryer vents.  The inside of your dryer vent will be cleaned from end to end using a method appropriate for your installation

2ndCompare our prices and the quality of service.

You will find that our prices are generally competitive with, or better than, those of other companies. Why not get the best service at the right price?

Current Prices

Dryer vent cleaning prices can vary according to location and difficulty of circumstances.  Comparing rates, you will find that we are reasonable.  Comparing service, results, and reputation, you will find that we are truly the Wright choice.

Residential pricing guide:

$125.00 Clean dryer and vent     
$  40.00      additional for removing bird/squirrel/etc. nest  
Discounts available for commercial and residential locations with multiple dryers.

Important: Our tools are designed to be used in properly sized and properly installed vents. Dryer vent duct that is damaged, inappropriate material (example: white plastic accordian-style), or improperly installed can be further damaged or dislodged during cleaning. When accessible, vent ducts will be inspected before cleaning, but this is not always possible as they are often hidden in walls and ceilings. When damage or dislodging occurs, we will charge a reasonable fee for repair or replacement if we are able to do so. Otherwise, recommendations will be made to remedy the problem. We are not responsible for damage or dislodging beyond refunding the price we charged for cleaning.

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